Edirol UA-25 midi but no audio problem

Hello again chaps,

I have an issue with my UA-25 in Cubase 5. It appears to have been set up correctly, I’ve checked the drivers and I can listen to audio through it when playing media player. My VST’s cotrolled by my midi keyboard play back through it when I select the monitor button but when I put my guitar through it, nothing! I can hear the guitar playing back through my laptop speakers which are connected to the UA-25 and I monitor it that way but there is no signal showing up in the audio meter on Cubase, and when I record, nothing.

The sample rate is set to 96 and I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled the drivers again today but with no luck.

Any suggestions?


Correct ASIO driver selected? Correct buses set up in VST Connections? Correct bus selected as input of audio track?