EDIROL UR-80 with Cubase 5

Hi I am new to this forum and have done a full search in an effort to find answers to my problem, I appreciate this is an old piece of hardware and probably been discussed in the past.

I am completely new to midi/audio interface, I’ve always worked with a mouse on Cubase 5 to make drum tracks, strings, piano sections etc. Then I’ve gone from a behringer analogue mixer output to M-Audio PCI card audio in to record guitar tracks into the cubase project. Maybe a bit 1970’s recording technique’s given today’s technology.

I recently picked up an EDIROL UR-80 audio interface which looks like a good bit of kit, certainly lightweight and mobile to travel around with me while i’m away at work. I’ve read up on it, downloaded the manual and drivers and CUBASE VST memory set from the roland website, along with EDIROL UR-80 editor to send the memory set to the hardware. All that done. Next I hook it up to the PC (usb cable), the PC picks it up, Cubase see’s it, I set the audio in’s and out’s to UR-80 from the VST connections page. I then look at Setup Devices page, I see the UR-80 is there and I’m running it with ASIO4all driver. It seem’s to work ok with analogue audio, i.e. plugging a microphone in or guitar it all routes through fine.

The problem I have is trying to get the faders, start/stop/rewind/forward/record buttons etc working with CUBASE 5. I can see the midi activity meter in the transport bar show’s activity when move faders or press buttons on the UR-80 but nothing happens in cubase. I’ve been into the remote devices menu (from device setup>remote devices>generic remote) and imported the .xml file which I downloaded from the Roland website for the UR-80. It looks like all the functions are listed, I’ve even tweaked one or two, example the jog wheel was set to tempo, I changed this to time as I’d like to use it to scroll through the the track. I’ve done alot of reading and very much struggling to get the controls to work with CUBASE 5. I would very much appreciate any help any one can offer, hopefully some one out there has been through this before.

I have been recording my own music for 12 years now, first of all using various versions of Cakewalk, before moving onto Cubase 5 a few years back, this is the first time I’ve ever tried using audio interface’s to control fader’s / transport functions etc, so I am a novice to fair on this side of things.

Any help is appreciated

Hi, sorry for the late reply.

I also have a UR-80 and use it with Cubase. You need to get the Editor software from here: http://www.roland.com/support/article/?q=downloads&p=UR-80.

It’s easy to set up a profile by loading one in the editor, and then transmitting it to the UR-80, and you can also use the editor to customize the parameters.

You’ve probably sussed it out by now, but just in case.

Here’s an except from the html manual that comes with the bank set for controlling Cubase:

This is a memory set for operating various parameters of the Steinberg Cubase SX/SL.
This folder contains the following files.
File Organization

±-- bulk folder
±-- Usr1.mid : Bulk file of the memory set for Steinberg Cubase SX/SL
±-- paramlist folder
±-- Usr1.htm : Parameter list of the memory set for Steinberg Cubase SX/SL
±-- remote folder
±-- EDIROL UR-80 for SX.xml : Remote setup file for Cubase SX/SL
±-- Readme_E.html : This file

UR-80 settings

Start up UR-80 Editor. Load “Usr1.mid” located in the bulk folder.
From the Communication menu, select Transmit.
Specify the destination to which you want to write the memory set.
In the confirmation dialog box, click Continue.

  • For details on using UR-80 Editor, refer to the UR-80 owner’s manual.

    Application settings

From the Devices menu, select Device Setup.
Click the Add/Remove tab.
In the Device Classes list, select Generic Remote and click [Add].
In the device field, select Generic Remote, which you added in step 3, and click the Setup tab.
Click [Import].
Select EDIROL UR-80 for SX.xml which is located in the remote folder, and click [Open].
Specify the MIDI Input and MIDI Output.

MIDI Input


MIDI Output


In the Devices field of the Device Setup dialog box, select All MIDI Inputs.
In the Device field of the Setup tab, click the EDIROL UR-80 2 Active field and set it to No.

  • Unless you make this setting, the MIDI messages transmitted from the UR-80 will be thru-ed to the MIDI tracks.
    Click [OK] to close the dialog box.


All the best. Let me know if I can help further.