Edit a part issues

Hi all !
I just made some guitar recordings and was just about to audiowarp a small part
in the end of it . The part is about 2 bars and I need to audiowarp it just a little.
The issue is that when a dklick on the part the edit window wont show up.

I´m on Cubase 6.5 and windows 32 bit.
After this upgrade from 6.05 I have got more of this kind of issues and even some name track issues.

What can I do ?

Im in need of some help here :wink:

Please ! anyone
im totaly lost here, cant find any solution . It seems to be just this project and
I really don´t know why. The guitar track has (9 lanes) and nothing special
with that except that the edit issues suddenly is the same on my vocal track.
And i cant audiowarp that one either.
:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Have you somehow managed to lock the track? (Little padlock at top right) I’ve seen a few people do this without realising and then not be able to do anything. CTRL + SHIFT + L, if you didn’t know (and of course if that was it!!)

Thanks for the reply !
I´ve gave up for today, so I´ll take a look at it tomorrow.
I do remember that the track lock wasen´t active.
I´ll let you know !

THANX again :slight_smile:

Remember parts can be locked as well as entire tracks…


After a total Pc reboot everything worked OK ?
Starange though.

Tanks again