Edit Channel Setting button freezes cubase [SOLVED!]

Just in case anyone else gets this problem I’m leaving it up here, but the issue was down to preferences. I followed the instructions on this page and it did the trick;


I haven’t found this mentioned on the forum, so apologies if it’s been addressed.

Recently Cubase (7.07 / 64bit / iMac / osx 10.8.5) has been acting strangely in relation to the Edit Channel Settings button.

firstly, when I clicked it to bring up the panel to finely tune the EQ, the panel would be ridiculously wide - literally going off the screen, but with no sign of the EQ panel or much else. That was bad enough in that I couldn’t access many necessary functions easily. But now, when starting new projects, I click on the E button and now, Cubase will just become unresponsive, leading me to ‘force-quit’ Cubase, or sometimes, it will just crash by itself.

Dos anyone know what’s going on and if there’s a remedy for this?

It’s driving me crazy.