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I am trying to change a piece that I have orchestrated in 2/4 and would like to change to 4/4 and double the size of all rhythmic values, but when I do what I read (select write, edit durations, double note values) it changes but not by doubling notes; it seems to ignore notes. What am I doing incorrectly? I have attached the 2/4 version which I would like to simplify but change to 4/4, 16th notes becoming 8th notes etc…

Three Preludes 2nd mvt up a half step.dorico (2.2 MB)

I have not looked into your file, but the key when doubling the note values is, that you activate I Insert Mode before. Then all notes can expand and stretch to their new positions.

You will need a lot of patience! Though the actual number of keystrokes needed is really quite small.

  1. Make a copy of the original file!!
  2. First remove all the double barlines. Dorico treats these as having time signatures attached, which block Dorico from adding extra time. So delete every double barline.
  3. None of your dynamics, pauses, rehearsal marks will move with the notes. So select all, filter for them and delete them!
  4. Engage Insert mode (I). And keep it on…
  5. TUPLETS. You will need to remove them beforehand and then replace them. Hint: to keep track of them, colour them something vivid. Select the bars with tuplets, filter for notes and change the colour property. Next Select all. Filter for tuplets. Delete!
  6. Select all. Write>Edit Durations>Double… (this may take some time)
  7. Convert each coloured note back to a tuplet. This is as simple as selecting the first note and hitting “;” enter each time (unless you need to change the base of the tuplet).
  8. Disengage Insert Mode.
  9. Tidy up. Change time signature, replace dynamics rehearsal marks and barlines etc.

Good luck!

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Thank you!