Edit Endpoint Configuration question

Where does Dorico get the information “Lead(single player)” from in the dialog below? I am trying to specifically assign each line to an instance in Kontakt, and it keeps assigning several tracks to the same instance. I hope my question makes sense.

Dorico has an instrument definition called LEAD … this Endpoint is for a vocal trio, two Leads (looks like tenors - G clef 8vb) and baritone …

These are Zimbabwean marimbas which consist of two tenor marimbas and a baritone marimba. These are my own custom made Kontakt instruments. I’m trying to figure out where Dorico decided to label these both as "Lead (Single Player). I’m making my own Endpoint Configurations from scratch here.

I imported the XML of this song in to Dorico and the instruments were called Soprano 1, Soprano 2, Tenor 1, etc, etc. Dorico did assign those to vocal parts at first and then I changed from those Halion vocal parts to my Kontakt instrument, so there may be somewhere internally in Dorico that is still thinking these are all the same instrument, but I don’t see anywhere that I can see that or edit it.

I’m not following… if you make these Endpoint Configs yourself and still wonder where the LEAD description comes from it sounds to me like you may have misunderstood something… no offence!

AFAIK Dorico labels the instruments based on the information in the Players column on the Setup Page.

If you mean the names given to the players as they appear on the score, it’s not there. I have each one named differently.

The names are taken from the underlying instrument definition, not from the Instrument or Player name fields…

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The Players Names can be different to the Instrument Names. For example:


Yes, I’m aware of that. The names are different in both places. I don’t have them called “Lead” anywhere in my project.

If you add a violin to your project, you can call both the instrument and the player that holds it whatever you want. To the endpoint system, however, it’s still a violin …

So how do I change that?

That seems to be is what is happening. I guess it’s looking at what the original instrument was even though it’s been changed to a different VST with a different instrument. I’ll try switching the players to different instruments and then reassigning the VSTs.

I think this is an example of why we need to be able to have user created instruments in Dorico. That would be a wonderful addition!