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I bought an upgrade from AI to Cubase Artist 10.5 in December 2020
When I move tracks to a folder track, the edit folder icon = is not there.
I uninstalled all Cubase programs: AI9.5/Artist10.5 and reinstalled Artist10.5.
The edit icon = is still not present.
What can be the reason for this?
Do I have to remove everything and do a complete install?
I contacted Steinberg support for this issue on December 29, still no answer.
Thanks for helping me.

Stoy Stoffelen

Hi and welcome,

What do you mean by “edit folder icon”, please?

Hello Martin,

Thank you for your interest.

I copied the missing icon or symbol into the screenshot.

You have to click this symbol if you want to edit all the tracks in the folder simultaneously.

This was not present in my Cubase AI9.5 and is still not present in my upgrade to Cubase Artist 10.5


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Stoy Stoffelen

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This is named Group Editing and it’s Cubase Pro feature only, as you can see in the Cubase editions comparison chart.

Hello Martin, it’s clear now. In The YouTube video’s it’s not always clear which Cubase version is used.
Kind regards Stoy