Edit gm midi files

Hi again.
I’m a moran…how do I cut a piece out of a midi file, an insert it again, so I get, for example a double intro, a double solopiece and so on. ?
Thanks in advance…

When you import MIDI Files into Cubase what gets created is a MIDI Part. MIDI Parts contain MIDI Events like Note-on or cc Messages.

In Cubase you can freely Edit MIDI Data at both the Event & Part level, depending on what you want to achieve. Often there are many different ways to achieve the same results. I’d suggest you read the sections of the manual on Editing MIDI & also watch some Steinberg videos on the topic (sorry I’ve got no specific recommendations) which can be accessed via the hub.

For this task it’s probably easiest to Edit the Parts & not Events.

  1. With your MIDI Part on a Track, use the Split (scissors) Tool and Split the MIDI Part at the end of the introduction
  2. This will result in 2 MIDI Parts
  3. Move the MIDI Part on the right further right to make room for the intro repeat
  4. Select the MIDI Part on the left and use Edit>Functions>Duplicate (Ctrl+D) to duplicate the Part
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