Edit Groups a la Pro Tools.

I don’t want to poo poo new features cuz we can just choose to not use them but between folders and grouping tracks doesn’t Nuendo give all that is needed for grouping? I do like Pro Tools edit groups but I actually find Nuendo’s group system accomplishing the same thing but easier to use and faster (although I never found myself finding a practical use for the advanced grouping options in Pro Tools beyond choosing between mixer and edit).

In Nuendo, multiple takes across multiple tracks can be edited easily by using either folder groups or by grouping tracks after each take. Folder tracks do it automatically. Track groups have to be created (group is one of my keys on my programmable keypad). I’m not sure what I am missing.


I can see how with Pro Tools you could do something like group a snare drum, a vocal and trumpet and be able to undo and redo the group easily. This would be cumbersome to do in Nuendo if you had to undo and redo it repeatedly. Can you outline an example of where this would come in handy? I think that’s the part I am missing.



I also have to comment on the import session data in Pro Tools. I frequently need to move parts or sections of a song or even whole songs into another session. Nuendo does this elegantly by allowing multiple projects (only one at a time can play of course). This allows me to just drag and drop anything from anywhere into the master session. And channels or the whole mixer can be saved and reloaded if you’re looking from that perspective.

PT is a PITA when it comes to making these kind of moves requiring the creation of a new session with all unnecessary clips deleted since it does it by track (horizontally) instead of by vertical selection. You have to be careful about which session is going to be the master so your mix doesn’t get screwed up with the one you want to keep. It is also easier to make mistakes and it doesn’t undo as easily requiring safety saves. It can be done but it takes much longer.