Edit History

I found I deleted a long MIDI part by mistake. I can restore it by using the Edit History to return to a point before it was deleted. However, is it possible to retain all the changes I have made since deleting the part? Can I restore all the changes EXCEPT the deleted part?


I’ve done this a few times myself, actually in other apps than Cubase as well. The way to get back your original part is to undo to the point before it was deleted, select and copy the event, then redo all the edits and then paste the event back somewhere. If you want to paste it back in the same place on the timeline then locate the cursor at the start of the event before you copy it and then when it’s pasted it’ll paste back at the cursor position on the selected track - i.e the same position it was at. Hope this helps.


I did think about that method, but thought that the new copy and paste would also become just the latest event in the history list, which would then get wiped out. I suppose I could paste it into a new project. Will try it out later.