edit in wavelab not working

Win10 64bit/WL 9.0.20/Cubase 9.0.20 (all64bit system)
opening WL9, then opening Cubase 9.
error message:
“elicenser doesn’t have enough permissions”
but C9 opens anyway
select audio in C9 and click “open in Wavelab”
result: nothing happens, not working

i updated eLicenser, ran maintenance, no success, same eLicenser error message
i still have an install of WL8.5 64bit but have not opened it.

any help?


Did you run elicenser as admin to run the maintenance??
On W10 this seems to help a lot of issues.

i installed in Administrator mode.
when I start WL9 first i get this message on C9 start:
WL9C9  elicenser.png
when i start C9 first I get this on WL start:
WL9 elicenser.png
WL8.5 can run with C9 together, but lacks the Open In Wavelab functionality.

I had the same problem. Wavelab 9.1 update fixed it for me.

That’s not what I asked though.

after installing both latest versions of C9 and WL9 it does work.