Edit Insert (X) on Selected Track

I was really hoping Steinberg would add the command to Edit Insert on the selected track in Cubase 12.

Currently, I can call up a specific plugin but only if it’s loaded in that specific track. If there is nothing loaded in a slot I can’t assign anything. And if I remove a plugin that’s loaded and switch it for another one, the command clears and I have to reassign. Basically if I make any change to my project (add new tracks, move them around, add/remove plugins) it all loses any assignment for editing inserts which is completely pointless.

It should just be as simple as “Edit Insert 1” in selected track and have it open whatever insert is loaded in that slot.

Am I missing something? Is it there somewhere and I just haven’t been able to find it?

You can do that till a long time with generic remote…

Ok, how? Where is the command?

Any luck?

First you have to insert a plugin into every slot. Then go to GR and assign these: VST Mixer / Selected / Ins. 1 edit, VST Mixer / Selected / Ins. 2 edit, etc…