Edit line of Lyrics

First, many thanks for including this in Dorico 3. I wasn’t expecting anything like it and it’s a very useful tool for spotting and quickly correcting errors. I don’t know how others use it but I generally enter all the lyrics with Shift L and then head to this tool and make the corrections (and I type way too fast so there are always corrections!)

I’ve a couple of requests connected with it, if that’s OK.

  1. Please can the program remember the zoom factor that was used last time. Personally, I whack it up high - it’s so much easier to read and edit. From my POV, I’d only ever need to use the zoom function once if it could remember it. As it is I need to zoom in every time I use it.

  2. Rather than selecting a lyric first to enable the edit line of lyrics tool, might it be possible to select the tool itself and have a facility within the tool to select different lines of lyrics? It’s the reverse way of going about things but it means that you can avoid a double click (select the lyric, then the tool becomes just selecting the tool) and it also avoids closing and reopening the tool in order to check and edit different lines of lyrics.


For 2), I can see that getting very complicated. Consider a project that has 40 flows, with three or four vocal staves in most, some with multiple verses and the odd chorus line. I have such a project in front of me…

Hi Leo. Thanks and fair point - I hadn’t considered multiple voices. However, I assumed that the tool would obviously use the flow already selected.

Both suggestions were only there to try and minimise the amount of clicking involved.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll consider both of them.

Thanks as always, Daniel.