Edit Markers txt label by dble-click on label...

… instead of having to open the Marker Editor window.

And the ability to set individual colours for each…!? [EDIT - SOLVED; see below.!]

(I know, its crazy stuff…)

+1 on the double click renaming idea.

As for individual colors… this can be done now using the color pallet.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Double clicking a marker moves the cursor to that marker. You don’t need to open the Marker Editor window, there is the description field in the info line.

Thanks to both…

Ok, yes - that Info Line idea helps; I don’t have it visible all the time, so would need the extra step [CTRL+I] to toggle it open/closed. Still a tad clunky, when I’d prefer a quick dble-click with a modifier(?) that would allow editing the text label right there and then…?

(Rambling mode = ON; I mean, its just what’s done in almost every other software package of the last ten/fifteen years or more - anyone, coming across a text label somewhere in a software app, ‘understands’ that a dble-click is what usually allows you to get in there and edit it; its become a norm, a standard thing… about time Cubase caught up. Rambling mode = OFF)

Having idle hands, I came up with another way, still a tad clunky;
drag the spacing handles at the top of the column headers in the Marker Tracks inspector panel, so that the ‘Description’ column is visible - as opposed to the default Index ID and Timeline position, with NO ability to scroll across to reach stuff out of view - then each Marker’s text is editable right there with a dble-click. Downside, it needs the Marker Track to be selected, but at least the column headers do stay in place once set.

I’ll post a screengrab for clarity.

Second… @Prock; got it now, thanks.! Select, and use the Toolbar Colour Palette button… Goodness, how long has that been there…?! :slight_smile:


You can get naming to cue automatically in the marker window when adding a marker.

I tried the rearranging of the headings thing but if I select a different track then go back to the Marker Track the headings revert back to default. Issues Forum time!!

Sure - but I’m prone to changing my mind a bit… others around me too… Different labels for the same parts can make better sense later in the session. Yes, I could add another whole new Marker Track I guess… with new appropriate labels… but…

But this is all just diluting from my original request. :slight_smile:

You’re kidding me… I was just having at it for an hour or so yesterday and the headings stayed as I set them; opened different sessions/projects, re-booted Cubase, etc… no probs…

I’ve just opened a project from yesterday too - and the headings are as I left them… (happy.!) :wink:

Preferences trash time perhaps…?

Good question. I’m not sure really. Probably from the Marker Track get go. :wink:

Still a big +1 for the double click renaming request.

Regards :sunglasses: