Edit menu anomaly

Sometimes when entering notes, the edit menu stems, beams, etc. functions are grayed out and can’t be invoked using that menu. But you can still (always?) get to these functions using the context menu. So it’s not consistent. And I can’t reproduce it. If I close and reopen the score both the edit menu functions and the context menu functions are available again.

Most of those commands are only available when there’s a selection, so it could be that some internal state is not quite correct from time to time. I will keep an eye out for this and see if I can pin it down.

Agreed about only active during a selection. I only noticed this when I select something to try to use the menu item and it’s unavailable.

I think it might be related to another issue I am having that I can’t quite pin down yet. Sometimes after playing a section and then pausing, it’s not possible to make a selection or go into note entry mode to add notes to the score. The window seems frozen and unavailable to the user. Like another process owns the UI but is not visible. I can get back to the score being the current active process by dragging the score a bit. It might be the case that a right click is activating the score window as well so that it brings it to the active state and those items seem available in the context menu all the time.