Edit midi instrument button on track inspector does nothing

I use Cubase Elements 11 and when in the track inspector panel, the ‘edit instrument’ button lights up when clicked, but nothing else happens. Is this correct? I imagine one should be able to link that button to e.g. an external (factory) program for editing your midi device.
Does this button have actual functionality in higher versions of Cubase? Trying to decide if I should upgrade or not.
Thank You!


What kind of Instrument do you use, please? Is there any Instrument (VSTi) loaded already?

Hi Martin,
It is just for the plain midi track [no instrument]. But in the track inspector for that midi track, you can click on the ‘edit instrument’ button and it glows yellow, but nothing happens.
Thank You.

Can you post an image of what you are talking about? While Instrument Tracks do have an ‘Edit Instrument’ button, MIDI Tracks do not.

Hi Raino,
You can see in this image, it is the button next to the midi channel, which is yellow when you click it, but nothing happens.

OK, I see. It looks like it is set to use “UNO Synth” which seems to be missing. Have you checked the Plug-In Manager to make sure the path for it is correct and that it isn’t blacklisted.

Hi Raino,
This not a vst instrument. It’s a midi channel. Please ignore the input/output midi port: it’s not important here. What is important, is that for any midi-track, that button “edit instrument” does nothing. Maybe it does something on Cubase Pro … but on Cubase Elements … it has no function. My guess is that is SHOULD open up an external program for editing your device.


For the MIDI Tracks, this button is working only, if the MIDI Track 's output is a valid Instrument (either Instrument Rack or Track Instrument). If there’s no Instrument connected, there is nothing to edit.

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