Edit mode for working with video, finally?!?

So does Cubase 6 finally include edit mode? You know, so that when we drag an audio file around, the video track will scroll with it, to show us where we are in the video. Much, much better than moving the cursor line around the timeline to line it up with point in the video where you want your audio to begin, then having to select the audio file, and “move to cursor”. What an annoying waste of time. Even Pro Tools 8 M-Powered (the lowest version of PT) has the feature. Surely Cubase 6 has it, right?? Right??

Not sure what you mean… Scrubbing the video/audio track…?

I’ve just read video chapter in the PT 8 manual and couldn’t see where it said anything about dragging an audio file along the timeline (would also ‘scrub’ the video…).

It does say if you scrub an audio file (track) with the scrub tool the video will scrub as well, if you enable it in the video window - and if its that what you are asking about, then sorry no; Cubase doesn’t do this (yet…!?!) - you have to use the cursor like you say…

Hope I’ve not misunderstood anything here…


Really missed this feature since coming over to Cubase from Pro Tools. Essential for audio to picture work. Scrub is not the same unfortunately. When trying to line up audio to specific hits in a project this feature can be a real timesaver.

Nuendo only feature (at least until now, though I doubt, this has- or will be changed)

As a side note, don’t forget (like Reaper did at first, maybe changed now, dunno) that this feature isn’t only useful for video. It’s also handy for aligning midi / audio events so… keep that in mind when it goes to the drawing board.

Notice that I said “when”, not “if”. :slight_smile: Trying to stay on a positive note here… :wink:

Ok - so seems I have missed a trick here… This sounds a very useful feature (he says letting his imagination run a little…), but could either of you take a couple of minutes to elaborate on this for me please tower888/Atardecer…?

(Can’t afford Nuendo; will look at Reaper - thanks for the tip Audiocave).

Get Nuendo.


Yeah… “Simple”… If you happen to have $1800 dollars laying around. :unamused:

This is my point… Why should we have to pay a large amount to buy higher-level Steinberg software for a feature that Cubase’s competitors have included in even the lowest versions of their audio software?!

You don´t have to - go and buy one of the lowest versions of Cubase´s competitors…

I agree it would be a nice feature to have, but to me it’s not that big of a deal. Cubase is more capable with video than the other apps, and that makes up the difference to me.

Which of those competitors’ lowest, or any, version let you:

  • have more than one single video clip in your project.
  • freely cut, paste, move video
  • slip video.


Which of those competitors’ lowest, or any, version let you:

  • have more than one single video clip in your project.
  • freely cut, paste, move video
  • slip video.

Is that possible in Cubase 5/6?

With Cubase 4 I have a problem even with the smooth/in sync playback of any video that is not encoded in mpg1. I’m on PC and even when I use mpg 1, Cubase like to crash.

I could be wrong, but I thought .mpg was the MOST likely to crash. On Mac, Mpegs, especially muxed ones, were practically impossible.

I am saying that Cubase does do those things, and the others do not, afaik.

Also, the video portion of Cubase was improved for C5.

I mean just mpg1 (Video CD) not mpg2. Everything else played well under the condition that I play a file from the very beginning. When trying to play the project from a different frame than the first one the video is not synchronized (except mpg1). And Yes, video in project crash Cubase alot. If I do not use video, Cubase is rock solid on my system.

I am saying that Cubase does do those things, and the others do not, afaik.

Yes I understand that but I’m very surprised. From my experience (Cubase 4) I can load more than one video file in to project, but Cubase play only last one.

Also, the video portion of Cubase was improved for C5.

I hope so. I love Cubase for the interface and the ease with which I can compose. I am disgusted by the video thing. I can’t move to Nuendo becouse money :frowning:

Piotr-two questions-do you have enough RAM, and have you tried moving your buffers up when running video?
Also, have you tried any different codecs? I don’t know anything about Quicktime PC-is there an option for .dv?

Cubase 5 does allow me to load more than one video on the video track and edit those videos.

I have to do it all the time for composing over several film reels, especially if the editor decided to cut right in the middle, where music needs to go.

If they would just go the one small step to make it happen… I mean the software is coded to have the video scrub with the cursor. How hard would it be to simply apply that attribute to the selected audio file? It sounds like a pretty easy upgrade to me, and there are a ton of Cubase users who would love it.

I personally know other game Sound Designers who left Cubase specifically because the video won’t scrub to the selected audio.

I think Reaper does all that and also renders it’s edits (pretty cheap). Acid does also, edit, slip and actually render out 3-4 video formats with the audio, from the timeline… even the free version handles video I think. Then of course if you’re not scoring with midi there’s Vegas Movie Studio (lowest version) which is way better for video than most daws .

Then there’s $75 Mixcraft…

Video Track allows loading and editing of video files. Easily cross−fade from one video clip to another. Remix the audio, add a soundtrack, and effortlessly render your video project to a new video file.

Loading a video into a music application is not all that special these days. Dare I say, a $500 very mature daw like Cubase should do it better than those … but I can’t say that it does in all or even most cases.

I have 2 gb of ram and windows xp 32bit. I tried to increase buffers without success.
I’ve tried several codecs, but DV is one of those which have not yet tested, I think. I’ll try to test it. Thanks.