Edit mode in N11

This is just something small that drove me up the wall until I figured it out.
While working in N11, I could not understand why my cursor was suddenly jumping around until I finally figured out I was in edit mode.
Unlike N10, in N11, the cursor does not change when you go into edit mode.
However the cursor behaviour is different in edit mode than normal mode.
So if you accidently activate edit mode and you press stop, your cursor will jump back to the last selected event on your timeline. It will also jump to the beginning of any event or selection that you click on or select.
Hopefully someone finds this useful

How do you switch between Normal mode and Edit mode?

Under the Transport menu you click on “Use Video Follows Edit mode”

That works as intended. Thats a crucial part of working to picture.
If you don’t need it - trun if off. :wink:

The Edit Mode has it’s own problems, but that one isn’t one of them.


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Hah, I just went through this mess 2 weeks back! Took me hours to go through every single preference in settings to figure out why this was happening and finally landed on ‘Video follows Edit mode’.

Not for you. But for the original poster (and me)

Edit mode has been there in Nuendo for ever (?). Essential tool for post work. Easy to turn on/off.
A must have feature for any audio app meant for films or tv work.


@Tumppi_Jarnefelt Completely agree with all you say.
For me the only issue was that In previous versions of Nuendo, the cursor changed when you go into edit mode. In Nuendo 11, you have no indication except for how your cursor behaves. I accidently clicked my hotkey and suddenly my cursor started jumping around. It took me a bit to figure out I was in edit mode.

ok, understand.
I personally love that the cursor now goes thru your edit window while in edit mode :wink:

I like this feature as well, but I feel the cursor colour or something should be changed to distinguish the mode.

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Great idea, just give us the ability to change the cursor’s color when in Edit Mode!

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And, the ability to return to play position, instead of selected clip so you don’t have to deselect your regions to play back other sections!