Edit multiple Midi tracks simultaneously in Dorico

I was wondering if there is a way to edit or at least view multiple midi tracks simultaneously, a little bit like Cubase. This would be be so useful, especially for an overall visualization on a piano map. Ive been asked a lot to provide such illustration for studying purposes etc.


Welcome to the forum, Shwan. At the moment you can only view the piano roll or other editors of the Key Editor for a single instrument at a time, in the lower zone.

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Thank you very much for your reply. I am aware of the lower zone etc. Is there any plan for the multiple editing/visualization in the future? Is there a wish list where I could write about this?

Thank you!

This forum is the wish list. :grinning:

Haha. Ok great. Thank you!


+1 I would love to see this in a future update as well! Extremely useful to see what’s going on in the score, for example like in this video:

(I was hopeful it was already implemented in D4 when I saw this video, but I think Ryan just copy pasted everything into a single piano track to get this view.)

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@veenu This is exactly what I mean. I agree with you!

+1 If Dorico implement this, I would switch from Sibelius to Dorico. It would be extremely useful

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I think there are quite a few of us who would find full viewing and editability of not just multiple lanes for one instrument which is definitely on the radar but also (and for me even more importantly) equivalent lanes for multiple instruments would save a huge amount of time. At the moment we’re in some ways a bit backwards from Dorico 3 where at the very least you could view several lanes simultaneously. But Daniel knows about these requests and in time people like @Kamil_Osmanov will have even fewer reasons for sticking with Sibelius.


I totally agree with you. I really hope that @dspreadbury and his team will consider this feature in the future.

This would be a REAL game changer to so many of us!