Edit Music Symbols Peculiarities

I don’t like, how the music symbols editor behaves in some ways:

  1. If there is only one symbol, changing the Offset has no effect to the placement in the music. Therefore, these controls should be greyed out, until there is a second symbol.
  2. Symbols and Text can’t be scaled freely; therefore the X value of Scale should be greyed out as well.
  3. I would love to see an apply button in this Editor to see my changes in the Score without having to open the Editor again every time I press OK.

I hope, that the possibility to scale symbols and text freely will be added in the future. I exchanged the Breath mark (comma) with the Short Caesura, but this symbol is too tall for my taste. If I reduce the size, it get’s to thin.

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To be honest, I kinda hate this editor too, and all the other various places it shows up (playing techniques, chord symbols, etc.)

I think offset only works relative to the placement of the previous entry. This is annoying, and I agree the controls should be greyed out if they don’t do anything, but you can work around it by inputting a blank space first. For a single glyph, input a blank space, then the glyph. This way the glyph can be offset from the blank space.

The scaling factors just have to match. Instead of greyed out, maybe a lock icon could be visible there, with the other value autofilling once one value is input. If at some point in the future it becomes possible for these values to be independent, then clicking the lock icon will unlock the two values (Adobe software works like this) but for now a lock icon and autofill will make it clear that they are not actually independent.

Completely agree!

If you don’t mind me adding on to your post …

  1. One of my biggest pet peeves about this editor, is that there’s no feedback to the user as to what glyphs are being used. If I go into Music Symbols and change the font of a glyph, next time I enter the editor there is no way for me to know what the font is! The only way I have figured out how to tell the font of a particular unknown glyph is to click the Save as Default star, and then search my userlibrary.xml to see what it saved as. There really needs to be some feedback to the user regarding the glyphs actually being used, like virtually every other DTP software.

  2. The editor always defaults to showing the Standard Accidentals range on the right. This can be somewhat disastrous when editing chord symbols, because I would imagine most users have no idea that chord symbols do not use that range, but instead use the Standard Accidentals for Chord Symbols range. In Music Symbols, this really should update with the category I’m trying to edit. If I’m editing Clefs, chances are I’m going to want to see the Clefs range on the right, not Standard Accidentals. The Fingering category should show the Fingering range, and so on.

  3. The Text tab always defaults to the Bar Repeat Count font style. Even just defaulting to Default Text Font would be a big improvement, but some sort of intelligent connection between the item being edited and the font style would be very helpful, i.e. the Text tab for the Edit Chord Symbol Component editor should default to the Chord Symbols Font, etc.