Edit_rename has anomalies

Reported in earlier versions, but still here…

Pool/Edit Rename…

Strip right non-alphanumerics and Strip right Numbers - doesn’t


Can someone confirm/deny, please!

Can someone comfirm please

I can confirm that it does not do anything to my files, but I am not sure HOW Remove Right and Remove Left is used. Remove All works fine.

Used to work fine

Let’s say a song called MYSONG, track called KIT and a third audio take would generate a file called “KIT_03”
You want this to become “MYSONG KIT”.

Open Edit_Rename…Pick Original Name in Slot 1
Enter "MYSONG " in prefix

Click on Remove Right Non-Alphanumerics and on Remove Right Numbers
Click OK

The file “KIT_03” has been renamed “MYSONG KIT”

Except the right strip keys are not working!