[EDIT] Render MIDI Click between Locators doesn't work correctly with Time Linear setting

When the left locator is placed at the beginning of a project then this new function works as expected. However, if you move the left locator at the second bar, for instance, then “Render MIDI Click between Locators” function yields just an empty MIDI Click track. The actual MIDI part is not created in Cubase 9.5.0.

Can you, please, confirm this issue?



I tried to reproduce it, but it works as expected here on my system.

Hello, Martin,

here is a micro project demonstrating the issue on my system:


When you click on “Render MIDI Click between Locators”, what do you get?

Thanks for the testing!


Wait! I have just tested it on my second machine where I didn’t transfer the preferences from Cubase 9.0 and there it worked correctly. So, this issue really seems to depend on a particular configuration. Which is weird… :confused:



I just tried this on my system with your project. But as expected (because you can’t also reproduce it on other system), I cannot reproduce it here. It works as expected.

Maybe you could try to attach your Preferences folder.

Hello, Martin,

I suppose I have found it, finally! Please, try it again with this setting: Preferences -> Editing -> Default Track Time Type = “Time Linear”.
With this setting, a new MIDI track named “MIDI Click” is created and it is not empty as I thought previously, however, the actual MIDI event named “Click Track” is shifted way off to the right (on the bar number 960, for instance).

Now it is indeed a bug, I think! :wink:


Great, now I can reproduce it. Thank you!

I will report it.

Martin, thanks so much!

I was just in the process of writing the detailed repro steps so here they are for your convenience:

  1. Open a new project.
  2. Create a Signature Track in it.
  3. Go to: Preferences -> Editing -> Default Track Time Type, here set the choice “Time Linear”.
  4. Put the left and right locators at the beginning of the 2nd and 3rd bar, respectively.
  5. Apply the function “Render MIDI Click between Locators”.

The expected result:

A new MIDI track named “MIDI Click” is created containing a MIDI part named “Click Track” which is placed between the locators.

The actual result:

The MIDI part “Click Track” is not placed where it should be (i.e. between the locators). Instead, it will be located somewhere far-right in the project (at the bar number 960 in my case).

Zdravím a předem mockrát děkuji za vyřízení opravy! :slight_smile:


Just a heads-up: this issue has not been resolved in Cubase 9.5.10