Edit several midi notes from several tracks at the same time


When I select several midi containers on cubase. From multiple tracks.
Once in the midi editor, I select several notes.

I would like to be able to edit the modulation at the same time of everything I have selected.

At the moment it doesn’t work. Same for velocity…

On an old version of cubase I could do it.

Thank you for your help.


Add the feature-request tag, please.

help please


This is not possible in Cubase. Therefore I recommended to add the feature-request tag.

How is it possible that on an old version of cubase, this was automatic?

This hasn’t been available in any version of Cubase since Cubase SX. I don’t think the versions from the 90’s (which was a different application) were capable of this either. You’re likely misremembering.

In any case, please continue in this topic:
Key Editor: Edit CCs & vel on multiple tracks simultaneously