Edit Single Lyric hyphen

I’m producing a falsobordone to be used for multiple weeks’ worth of Alleluia verses, and to fit the longer verses in, I’m using Edit Single Lyric to put them on two lines; a la verse 2 here:

In this case, there’s a carriage return before “Son of Man”, and also before “cloud” and “with” in the Edit Single Lyrics box. This is necessary because “cloud” and the ensuing verse 2 lyric baselines are set to the top baseline of the verse. Adjusting their baselines down instead pushes the rest of verse 2 down, including the second line. So the carriage return it is. The verses below are all baseline-shifted. I have to space the staves manually, but that’s not too much trouble. All is good, until, down the line:

The hyphen in “glory” is attached to the first syllable (it glows when “glo” is selected), but it doesn’t move vertically when the syllable gets its carriage return. I can’t shift it down in Engrave Mode because that operates as a baseline shift. This situation persists even when using a line break character (Shift-return) instead of a carriage return.

Is there a better way to do this that results in the hyphens aligning as they should?

Interesting approach using carriage returns… I’ve never thought of this. Usually I just jump down to the “translation” layer for the second line, which is all kosher as far as Dorico is concerned. Then you can just set the font to be the same as the normal lyrics.

This is what I do as well, and it avoids all sorts of minor unpleasantness.

Ah, excellent, thanks. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this. I suppose it wouldn’t work if I had more than two lines per “syllable”, but I can’t imagine I’m going to run into that.

This is why I’ve made a request to have more than one daughter line of lyrics. For instance, I think it would be nice to be able to have:

Verse 1
Verse 1*
Verse 1**

(Or Verse 1, 1a, 1b)

I’ve seen editions of music that have lyrics in French, English, and German, for instance. Then, I’d there’s more than one verse, you’re really in a pickle under the current system.

Alternatively, I’d like to just see numbered lines and then have the ability to override the verse numbers.

When I set Gospel Acclamations, I also like to set more than one week’s worth of verses, so I usually leave space so I can add back in manually:
Advent I
Advent II
Advent III
Advent IV

And the like.