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quando in edit chord trasformo, per esempio, Cmaj7 in C7+, come faccio per avere il 7+ non soltando su C ma anche su B, D, ecc. in modo automatico? …devo editarli uno ad uno?
Grazie a chi mi darà risposta.

Have you gone to Engraving Options > Chord Symbols and looked at the default options for how different chord qualities, components etc are displayed? Rather than editing individual chord symbols, as I suggested in my reply on your other thread?

Io devo trasformare tutti gli accordi inglesi maj7 in quelli italiani 7+.
Ho già impostato Do, Sol, Si, ecc. ma non so come dare a tutti il 7+: riesco solo a modificare uno alla volta. Sbaglio qualcosa? Grazie.

The quickest way would probably be to set the Engraving Options to use the triangle for maj7, omit the 7 (so it just shows e.g. C▵).


  • Open the Project Default Chord Symbols dialog (if you’re using Dorico 4, this is now on the Library menu)
  • In the top left search field, enter e.g. Cmaj7 so the chord symbol appears in the editor
  • Select the triangle in the grid display, then click the Edit pencil icon (in the Presentazioni alternative dei componenti section) to open the Edit Chord Symbol Component dialog
  • Delete the triangle, add 7 and + (perhaps as text using the chord symbols font style), arrange as you like, click OK.

Because this way, you’re editing the underlying glyph used by all chord symbols that would ordinarily use the triangle automatically, all chord symbols not already overridden get updated. You may need to remove your existing overrides to Do, Sol etc.

For the v4 manual, I’ve revised this area of the docs and hopefully improved the explanations of how these dialogs link together.


Perfetto! Tutto Ok.
…però quando cerco di salvare le modifiche Dorico 4 va in crash.
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Yes, as Daniel said, investigating that might take some time which also needs to be found alongside other responsibilities.