*EDIT* THIS IS BROKEN *EDIT* Open 'Edit Channel Settings' of FX Channel from Send, see picture

This feature is broken, see video gif: https://imgur.com/U8y5Gjf


I almost never have the actual effect of an effect channel in the first insert slot. I usually have an EQ plugin, compressor plugin, as well as a lowpass/hipass filter plugin, so this right click menu as it is, on the send, is kind of useless to me.

I thought there used to be a way of modifier-clicking on a send and have it take you to the FX channel, but I don’t think it works anymore (anyone know what I’m talking about).

it was alt+click on the send! Doesnt it work anymore? Gonna try that out.

It appears to no longer work, what it does now is change the send between pre/post fader… kind of silly :confused:

Ok, so thats rather an issue, than a feature request :smiley: :unamused:


Alt + double-click to the send does the trick.

Confirmed, that works. Thanks Martin!

I thought before It would take you to/select the effect channel so you could see all the inserts?

I never have the effect as the first insert

It opens the channel settings of the fx track, where you see all your insert slots, not only the first insert of the fx track.

hmm interesting, just tested this in an empty project with one audio track and one fx track and it worked… but for some reason, it’s not in my current project.

https://imgur.com/U8y5Gjf :cry:

uuhm… wat? wth? :confused: