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I’m new to Dorico, this is my second post.
I have a semibreve tied to a crotchet in the next bar and want to change the crotchet to a minim. Should be simple! But I can’t select just the crotchet, the previous semibreve gets selected as well. How can I do this?
Thanks for any help.

You can highlight the note(s) and type U to cut the tie. Then highlight the crotchet and hit 6 to turn into minim, then re tie.

There’s more elegant ways but this should work.

A couple of more elegant options:

  1. Use Shift-Alt-Right to lengthen by the rhythmic grid (that’s whatever’s set in the bottom left corner, and that can be adjusted using Shift-Alt-[ and Shift-Alt-]).


  1. Overtype the note value as 8. (eight full stop) - the full length of the note is a dotted semibreve, after all.

(@lafin minim = 7)

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The reason for this is Dorico considers tie chains to be a single note of the total duration, just displayed as tie chains where necessary (e.g. if the note spans a barline or crosses the half-bar).

If you want the 2nd note in a tie chain to be longer, you can simply lengthen the note as a whole as Leo suggests.

If you’re finding Dorico is showing notes as ties when you don’t want, and you have Dorico Pro/subscription on the iPad, check in Write > Notation Options > Note Grouping for default settings you can set per-flow for when notes are/aren’t split at the half-bar etc etc. Note that some settings vary depending on whether the note in question is followed by another note or a rest, meaning as you input notes, a note might look like two tied quarter notes until you input the next note, at which point it appears as a half note.

You may also, as a new user, find our First Steps guide helpful as you get to know the software.

Welcome to the forum and to Dorico!

Thanks everyone. I’ve fixed it now.
Seems a longer process than with Sibelius, but I expect I’ll get used to it.
Right now, Dorico is a steep learning curve!

I’m afraid I have to disagree. The first method described by Leo (alt-shift-right arrow to lengthen) is by far the easiest and fastest worflow ever.