edit tool????

Hello everybody. I am new to cubase & this boerd so please bear with me. I ABSOLUTLY LOVE CUBASE!! Can’t belive I’ve gone all my life without it. but when i try to edit midi in the piano roll it seems to me that it takes at least THREE different tools!! One tool to draw the note, One tool to move the note and another to erase the note!! I come from pro tools/reaper and you only have to double click to move and erase the notes there. I really want to move to cubase, and I hope its just some stupid thing that i overlooked. please tell me i’m wrong! because I don’t think i’ll be able to use cubase if i’m not. thank you. b.t.w. i’m using cubase AI 8 on windows 7. thank you.

Hi and welcome,

To draw a MIDI Note, press the Alt modifier. The mouse cursor changes to the pencil, and you can draw (while holding the Alt key). To move, change the pitch, change the length (from the beginning or the end), and selecting the MIDI Note, use the Object Selection (Arrow) tool. If you want to delete any Note, select it (them) by using the Object Selection tool, and press Delete on your computer keynoard.

So the Object Selection tool is the only one, you need for these use-cases. :wink:

ok. that is much better. thank you! i wish there was a way to do all that with ONE hand, but it’s cool. i can deal with it. thank you again for responding. i think i’m going to stay with cubase now. feels like the midi world moved on from pro tools about 15 years ago. and i’m just NOW discovering cubase!! oh well. better late then never