Editing after reopening Issue

For some reason, once I’ve saved and closed out of my project, when I go
back to it later to make corrections, it seems like the program won’t let
me do that. I wish I was perfect the first time every time, but I ain’t.
Have other people had this problem? (or is everyone much more perfect than

Welcome to the forum, murraysomerville. Can you tell me exactly what happens when you try to reopen the saved project?

The project comes back up exactly as I left it. However, when I highlight something – a note, or a chord – that needs correcting, nothing happens. I cannot remove, replace or correct.

Are you definitely in Write mode?

Yes. I checked. Why do you ask – what should I be looking for?

Per these guidelines, can you please post the project here as a zip file?

Don’t try to find a complicated reason for pianoleo’s question. Most of us have tried to edit something in Engrave mode, or even Setup mode, and spent a few minutes wondering why nothing happens!

If you look at the menu bars at the top left of the screen, it should be obvious what mode you are in.

As Rob said, I meant it as a simple question, just in case the solution was something this basic.