Editing audio electric guitar solo for timing/quantize

(Cubase Pro 10.5) I have an audio electric guitar solo in which a few notes are slightly out of time (played a bit early). There is sustain on the notes so I need to move the guitar note as well as extend the sustain on the pervious note to get a fluid result. What’s the best tool/technique to achieve this?

There are multiple ways to do this. The easiest I think is in the Project Window.

  1. Cut around the Note and move it so it sounds like it is starting in the right place.
  2. This as you noted will leave a gap after the preceding Note.
  3. On the preceding Note cut it at the start of the sustain portion
  4. On the Select (Arrow) Tool change the option to "Sizing Applies Time Stretch
  5. Drag the end of this sustain section to fill the gap by stretching the sustain
  6. (Optional) Use Render In Place to save it all as one Audio File


Also trust the timing that you hear and not what you see with the Waveform and Grid.

You could “correct” the problem as described in the previous reply. That said, why don’t you just play the guitar solo again? I tend to find this works perfectly well.