Editing Audio in Cubase 10 with multiple lanes

Hello, I have multiple vocal takes on 10 lanes. Does anyone know how I can make volume changes on the Master track (which shoes diagonal lines presumable depicting multiple lanes)? Or do I have to go to each take.
Also, I know there is a COMP tool, but I wish it could just use one master track, and have it based on what I am hearing, which is perfect. I do not want to bounce however.
Thank you.


If you are not comping, you can make the volume changes on the “master track” only. Or just use automation.

You can Bounce Selection to get rid of the other takes.

After I Comp, Will be main waveform be available for editing including volume? I believe I ran into problems where I had to change the volume on each individual audio track that made up the Comp.


Yes, you have to change the volume of every individual Audio event. Or you can use automation. Or you can Bounce Selection to get 1 resulting Audio Event and then you can change the Volume of the only one Audio Event.