Editing audio

I want to mute a vocal line at the end of a verse that then goes straight into the chorus.
When I zoom in the cursor seems to fly past making it impossible to find the right place and make a cut with the scissor tool.
It has to be exact as there is next to no space between the verse and chorus vocals ie I don’t want to cut off any of the start of the chorus or leave any of the last word of the verse if that makes sense.
Is there a better way of doing this?

Either zoom out and stop playback based on listening rather than looking, or use playback looping: Set start and end locators to the last words of verse (or first ones of chorus), and adjust end (or start) of the loop. When satisfied, cut at locator.

Align the cursor to the part you want to cut/mute, select and enlarge the track, and then zoom in. The zoom centers on the cursor.