Editing automation on more than one track at a time

I can’t figure out how to change the automation on more then one track at a time. I have a few tracks that, for a brief section, I’d like to lower the volume a similar amount. In ProTools I would create a group for those tracks, activate it, then any editors I made in the volume lane would effect all tracks. I’m looking for something similar in Cubase. I’ve found a lot of references to the “link” feature, but it only seems to effect the faders. I don’t want to play around with the faders in this situation, I want to editor the volume automation directly.



Use the VCA fader, please. Draw the curve in the VCA channel and then Combine Automation of VCA and Linked Channel. Done.

Btw, Link is not working with the faders only. It works with any automat-able parameter.