Editing cc info for multiple midi tracks at once

I know its been asked many times but…
is there a way using Logical editor to delete all cc info from multiple tracks and copy paste cc from another track to them? or maybe using PLE? or any other way to edit cc on multiple tracks at once (besides midi sends). there’s gotta be an easier way then copy paste for each track.


Maybe this will get you started. It deletes CCs in the selected MIDI parts.

Delete cc in selected.xml (3.7 KB)

Put it in /Documents/Steinberg/Presets/Logical Editor

Thanks Steve

I’ve been using a similar preset clean the cc off the tracks but I was wondering if you can copy and paste cc info into multiple tracks all in one LEP , I have a preset that is supposed to copy all cc but it only selects them , if I choose copy in the LE it extracts and copies to a new track w just the cc info. So I can copy the cc info with command c but is there a way to paste into the separate tracks in one shot with an LE command ? maybe a macro?

thanks again,