Editing Chord Diagrams in SE Version

I am currently using the SE4 version of Dorico and appreciate there are limitations. Is it possible to edit the chord diagram for say Am at root to 5th fret configuration or is this only available on the Elements/Pro versions?

See here:

Thanks Daniel. I notice the latest version is SE5. Do I need to update to this version to obtain the ability to change the chords shape?

No, I believe you should find this functionality is in Dorico SE 4 as well, though of course it’s free to update to Dorico SE 5 if you want to.

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Ok so to b up to date I have now got SE5. I have tried the various solutions but none come up with alternative chord variants. Could it b i need to change something in the layout options? Sorry to b a pain.

It works for me in Dorico SE:

  • Add Am chord symbol
  • Show chord diagrams
  • Select the Am chord symbol/diagram
  • Press Shift-Alt/Opt-Q to open the Choose Chord Diagram dialog
  • Pick one of the suggested shapes that starts at fret 5

If that’s not working for you, can you share a bit more information about what steps you’re following, how you’ve set up your project, etc.

Hi Daniel. I have now realised that i have to show the diagram at each bar etc. I was tring to edit the chords that show at the beginning of flow dah! Sorted now but thanks for help once again. Regards.

Hi Lillie I was trying to edit in the wrong place! Sorted now but thanks for the input.

Regards Pete

Just one more question. Having updated to SE5 can I now Just uninstall SE4?

If you don’t want to use Dorico SE 4 any more, yes you can – they’re separate apps.

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Thanks Lillie.