Editing confusion

Editing confusion

OK, I just did a cut time (my first time trying this). I deleted a bar.
But now when I go into the key editor it’s all grayed out from the Point where I did the cut to the end of the track, apparently. I can still hear the part playing but I can’t see the notes.
Does anyone know what’s going on?


The MIDI Part was cut, so now you have two MIDI Parts on the track.

Or I’m mistaken. Could you attach a screenshot on that case, please?

Yes, I think youre right.
I will attach a screenshot.


So last night, the right part of the screen (The lighter gray) Was completely blank. No note events were showing. So maybe something weird was happening that was resolved by closing cubase and opening it again.
But what does this indicate? Are there 2 midi parts here? Should I merge them? And how do I do that?
I couldn’t figure it out from the manual, but then again it was 2 AM.

Yes you have 2 MIDI Parts open in the Key Editor. The currently active Part is on the left where it is colored and the greyed out stuff on the right is in the inactive Part. If you click on a note on the right that Part will become active.

Merging them is up to you, whatever is easier for you to work with. If you keep them separate you can copy and move them independent of each other. If you merge them using the Glue Tool then they will be a single item. You could even make copies of the 2 Parts and do both.

What happened is last night you had 2 MIDI Parts but you had only opened one of them in the Key Editor. But today you opened both of them in the Editor. In Cubase the MIDI Editors work on Parts, not on Tracks like some other DAWs


I got it figured out thanks to your helpful reply.
Much appreciated!