Editing Controller Values with VST Instruments


I had a quick question. I took a closer look at vst expression 2 last night, I was hoping that included any control settings from say, a vst instrument like Retrologue, but it does not.

My question is, apart form the Quick Control menu, is there a way to assign controller values via Controller Lanes (and not a midi device) to, for examle, Retrologue filters, LFOs and whatnot? I’ve read through the relating chapters in both cubase and retrologue’s manual, and I can’t find such information. I figure, if I can access these values through Quick Control, I should be able to through Controller Values and edit these via the Controller Lanes.


It’s part of the instrument track for the VSTi, not the MIDI track … It’s in the same place as the pan and volume are for the audio tracks. Little hidden down arrow that you hover over at the bottom left of the track.

JMCecil, I should have thought about that, but yes I was looking in the midi tracks. Thank you very much you save me some time :smiley:

I wish the Steinberg VSTi still supported direct MIDI mapping to CC. I prefer outboard controllers. The MIDI to QC mapping process is cumbersome, as is the Expressions approach. But, that’s the way it goes I guess.