Editing Default Master Page changes First Master Page as well. Basing MP on another links changes?

If I create a new First MP based on the Default MP, then whenever I change either of those MPs those edits also get copied to the other page (see video). Is this supposed to happen? Is there a way to stop this happening?


Copies (so far) are linked. You need to create a Custom MP (from scratch, unfortunately) that replicates the essential frame data in the original First but is not linked to it.

I politely disagree with you, @Derrek!

It’s fine to create a Master Page that’s based on another Master Page. The crucial thing is that any frames that are pulled in from the original Master Page will remain linked for evermore. The chances are that, for instance, the music frame and the text frame containing the page number token can be left exactly as they are.

If you need the running header text frame to be different, delete that frame - just that frame - and recreate it. That way, just that text frame will not be linked back to the original master page.

(This is documented in the Note at the top of this page: Customizing master pages)



Thank you. Once again I have learned something that will save me time.

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Thanks Leo that clears things up perfectly. At least I don’t have to recreate the Pages from scratch, so that is useful. Fingers crossed Dorico 4 will see some useful changes in this area.

Thanks also for linking that page in the manual - I do always try and find what I’m looking for in the manual and then on the forums, but in this case I missed that specific page.