Editing 'Default' Track Quick Controls per Plugin

I want to create a “default” set of Track Controls for each of my VST instruments. I can then load a VST sound from within MediaBay and assign quick controls of my choice to the 8 Track QC slots. The “Get Default QCs from Plug-in” option in the Track Controls menu seems to be fixed to whatever comes out of that plugin’s box. Can I change these Default QCs?

To be clear: I know I can “Save Preset”, from within the Track Controls menu, and have my Quick Controls appear as a selectable entry at the top of that menu, but that list can’t be organised or arranged in folders, so if I have too many VSTs they scroll off the top (or bottom) of the screen and are too clunky to be usable. I want to edit the intrinsic Default QCs for the vst itself.

I also know I can create individual Track Presets, and that would do part of the job, but then when I double-click a preset from within MediaBay it doesn’t load that preset into the Track Preset I just loaded, it loads into its own track without the Quick Controls, so that doesn’t work either.