Editing Downmix Presets (Control Room)

I seem to remember it being possible to edit your own downmix presets in Control Room but can’t seem to find it in C8. Am I imagining this?

I want to make a mono preset that only plays out of one speaker (the current mono preset plays in mono but out of both monitors).

You can add in VST connection a Mono Monitor Out (L or R) and then switch between them in control room mixer.

Thanks for the suggestion but that’s not going to work for me because I want to be able to monitor in mono out of a single speaker AND be able to switch to stereo from the same set of speakers. Adding a separate Mono Out in Control room would only work if I was using an additional dedicated mono speaker (because you can’t use the same physical output twice in Control Room).

I’m sure I remember in a previous Cubase version being able to bring up a window to edit/create routing to the speakers and save it as a Downmix Preset. Does anyone else know what I’m referring to here?

Yes you can adding the same output to a mono channel.
Just uncheck/untick in “preferences” under “control room” , “Exclusive Device Ports for Monitor Channels”.
Then you add the same channels where ever and how ever you want.

Aaaaaah thank you guys. I never new that. This solves my problem.

Still curious to know about editing Downmix Presets if anyone knows about it? The only slight downside to creating an additional Mono Out in Control room is that there’s a limit of 4 monitor outputs. I have 3 pairs of monitors so I only have one spare output for mono purposes. Would be nice to be able to use a downmix so that I could monitor in mono from all three sets of monitors if I wanted to.