Editing effects

Hi all,

I must be doing something wrong here…

I added two effects channels - reverb and delay - and assigned them to two sends in the guitar track. The send levels work fine, and I can hear them. The problem is, I can’t find the place to:

  1. Adjust the return levels (I assume it’s on the Mixer panel, but I seem to be unable to find it)
  2. I cannot edit the effects, either from the Arrange window or the Mixer window. A couple of forum posts suggested pressing Alt, then double clicking on the effect name, but that doesn’t work for me.

FYI, I’m on Windows, and I’m using Cubase Elements 12.

I’d greatly appreciate any help on this!

Thanks in advance.


While similar to this description, what you did is actually a bit different.

When you add an effect it creates a new FX Channel with the effect set as an Insert on this brand new FX Channel. You don’t assign any effects to a Send. Rather the Sends route audio to the FX Channel. There is no “return” path - the effect’s Audio goes wherever the FX Channel routes it. If you are not seeing your FX Channels in the MixConsole make sure it is set to be visible in the Left Zone and that you don’t have a Visibility Agent hiding it. You might want to take a look at the manual to get a better conceptual idea of how Audio Routing works in the MixConsole.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear in my post - I realize that you first create an effects channel for each effect, then assign an effects channel to each send. That part works fine, and the send level adjustment for each effects channel works fine as well. My first problem is that I can’t a place to adjust the return level (which is routed to the master bus).

My second problem is that once I have created the effects channel, I can’t find a way to edit the effect. I’m guessing I missed something.


I may have figured out a workaround, although I don’t like it.

As far as the return level, it looks like there isn’t a way to set it, so I assume the entire effect signal enters the master bus. Oh well, I guess the send level will have to do, combined with the mix level in the effects. Fair enough, but I wish there were a return level.

The second problem is a little more convoluted. Let’s say I wanted to use a different reverb, like switching from plate to hall. I have to actually delete the reverb effects track, and re-add it. The process of adding the effects track opens up the effects editor, where I can load presets, or tweak parameters (like the aforementioned mix level). However, if I want to compare two reverb types, the only way I’ve found is to add two effects tracks with the two different reverbs, and then A/B them while turning one off and the other on.

This means I have to know beforehand which two I want to A/B, set up the FX track, then do it.

There has to be a better way to pull up the effects editor (ie the reverb editor, for example) real time while you’re auditioning a track.

Am I making sense?

I would consider saying the FX channel is the return channel. Only the name differs.


The channel fader of the FX channel does this.

If the channel is selected, you can open the channel edit window. There, you can edit the effect by clicking its edit button on the insert, or you can use the channel inspector on the left side.
Or the way I do it mostly, I have the mixer configured to see the channel inserts. Then I can open the FX direct from there.

Maybe your problem is that the FX channels are hidden?

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That would seem to be the case.

I assume you’re referring to my description of editing the effect. But your last suggestion fixed it for me.

That makes sense, though it wasn’t intuitively obvious to me, but fair enough.

That worked! Thanks a million!

Yes, that’s what I did.

It’s worth to read the manual a bit deeper.
There are a lot of things making the work with Cubase easier, but they are not that obvious sometimes.

Very true. Thanks again.

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