Editing Expression Map (Real Time)

Simple question:

I am interested in creating an expression map for a drum kit.
I am primarily interested in note durations and “first beat of the bar” accent amounts – things like this.

I am wondering, if I have the expression map created and applied to the kit, are these adjustments applied as soon as they are entered when editing the map (enter #, press “Enter”), or are they only applied once the map is saved and “OK” is pressed, closing the menu?
[edit: this is all referring to “Playback Overrides”]

If the latter is the case, then it seems like editing these maps precisely would take quite a while.

I have the most recent version of Dorico.

Once you’ve clicked Apply, I’m pretty sure that they are applied and active.

Yep! It will obviously depend on how much detail you want to go in to.

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Thank you!

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Have you tried editing one for yourself yet? Does it behave in this way?