Editing Frame placement (L/R) in Default Template

In the attached Dorico file I am attempting to edit the Default page template so that the project title appears on the opposite side of the page from the page numbers. But every time I edit one of the L/R pages, the change automatically appears on the other (L/R) default page. The page numbers themselves are perfect (I didn’t do them) - - they stay in the proper part of the L/R defaut pages, but when I insert a text {
Midnight Mood.dorico (1.8 MB)
@ProjectTitle@} frame I cannot place it in different (L/R) locations. Any simple, step-by-step, instructions would be appreciated.

Also, because of the overlap with the page number frame, it is very difficult to know which frame I am editing. Is there a way to see the name of the frame I am highlighting?

Just add a new text frame to the R page and add the ProjectTitle token left justified.
Midnight Mood-edit.dorico (1.7 MB)

Sorry for the delayed “thank you”. I will try it!