Editing Full Name in Part

Hi everyone,

I’m stuck trying to edit the full name at the top left of my part. It’s a percussion part and I would like to have it say Percussion 1, then on the next few lines down list the instruments involved in a smaller font. I’ve gotten to where I can edit the name of the instrument in the edit names dialog, but the change of the new lines and smaller fonts do not transfer to the part.
I read in the manual (https://steinberg.help/dorico/v2/en/dorico/topics/setup_mode/setup_mode_players_edit_instrument_names_dialog_r.html) that I can edit any part of the instrument name independently, but have not been able to do so.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hi MMoston.
What you are trying to change is located in the First set of Parts Masterpages, if I understand correctly. The token says {@Layoutname@}, so there’s no use in changing anything to the instrument name in the Edit name window, it’s simply not the same entity.
I suppose you have other instruments in your musical piece, so changing the masterpage to make this part look as you wish is probably not the way to go. If you still want to go through the masterpage route, you can create a new custom masterpage in the Parts set from scratch and assign it to those percussions only.
The other solution is to override that part. You can write it directly in Engrave mode, which is pretty straightforward. If you don’t understand exactly what I’m talking about, please feel free to write it and I’ll try to develop.

Marc is accurate, as usual.
Layout Names can be edited by double-clicking on the layout in the right panel of Setup mode. You don’t have any control over text styling (bold/Italic etc.).

Thanks for the replies and for the info. I’ll try and do it in Engrave and reach out if/when I run into issues.
Weird though- in that official explanation,
under point 5, it says that I can edit any part of the full instrument name independently and gives the example of adding a new line or italics. Do you guys understand it the same way?

The layout name is linked to the Edit Name function (unless you break it by modifying the layout name manually), but without formatting. The Edit Name function explicitly alters the appearance of the staff label (formatting and all), and the layout name pulls from that.

But any text formatting of the layout name needs to be done by modifying the token in the score.

The layout name doesn’t really use the staff label, as such: it uses the player name, which itself is based on (but not the same as) the staff label. And the layout name does not include any formatting instructions.

Hello everyone, what is the easiest way to hide a layout name? Is it simply to delete the token? Or is there a better method?

Yes, double click the masterpages when on a part and delete the layout name token.
Or simpler : in Layout options>Page setup>Master Page choose Default full-score for the part Layout you want to change (listed on the right panel of Layout options). The Full-score masterpage has no layout name token :wink:

Thanks, Marc. Very helpful.