Editing grace note type

I think I am correct in stating that the key command to change the grace note type ( alt/opt - / ) only has an effect when inputting a grace note, as opposed to editing a grace note after it has been entered (ie selecting an existing grace note and then changing the type from slashed to non-slashed or vice versa). Of course it is possible to do this by choosing the desired type in Properties > Grace Notes > Grace note type, but that has more steps in it than a key command. It is always preferable to enter it correctly in the first place but, as we are only human, mistakes do happen and editorial decisions might require a change.
In Preferences > Key Commands, Toggle Grace Note Slash is only listed under Note Input, and not under Edit.
I don’t know about other Dorico users, but I would find it quite handy to be able to use the existing keystroke when editing a grace note as well as when inputting one.


You are absolutely right, and I think this has already been requested :wink:

We can do that very easy with a streamdeck

Stay tuned for Dorico 4, which will have some simple but powerful new editing features for grace notes.