Editing HALion Sonic preset in HALion 6 & re-importing to Sonic

Hi all…

I’ve bought a small sample pack simply containing 3 drum-kits, written for importing into HALion Sonic (I own v3 full version) as a Drumset. The file is a sample archive imported into HALion via Library Manager in the usual way & in HAlion shows as a separate bank.

Within HALion Sonic the kits have a Macro of the original drum machine (complete with picture!) with controls as per the original hardware.

But I want to tweak a couple of the samples in the Drumsets (the individual samples as WAV files are also included). More specifically, a few of the samples are panned left or right & I want to remove the panning.

I can do all this in HALion 6 & save the 3 new Drumsets as 3 separate .vstpreset files - I can’t however work out how to ‘re-import’ the 3 edited kits for use in HALion Sonic.

I’ve tried saving as a HALion Sonic SE layer - the edited kit appears in HALion Sonic but sounds odd (almost like 2 samples are playing simultaneously but slightly out of time) & no macro available.

I can’t edit it in HALion Sonic either - some Drumsets allow editing at the individual sample level using Keymap, but that’s not an option here.

Anybody got any thoughts on this? I’ve trawled the manual & YouTube etc. without any joy.


Did you try the Halion Sonic edit mode in Halion 6? This can be turned on/off in options tab. Depending on what you need to edit it might work without the need to export as HSSE layer preset again.

But save the program as user preset first in Halion Sonic. Before editing in Halion 6.

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Hi, thanks for the message. I haven’t tried that, I’ll give it a go.

After editing, presumably the new versions are automatically available in Sonic? Or do I need to export them?

… & that was the answer! Thanks misohoza, great job!