editing hit points in the sample and groove agent

I have edited manually the hit points of an audio track and sliced it.
because the number of slices is above 88 I would cut the audio track to several smaller segments and would use several groove agent presets.

but when I drag a segment of the audio track I cut into groove agent it uses the whole file ,not the speceifc segment I cut.

how does I solve this ?

bouncing remove all the hit points so its not an option…

Hi and welcome,

Select the event, and use Bounce Selection from the Audio menu. New event is created, and it uses only the short cut part.

You should consolidate the cut with selecting and rendering in place or bounce selection.

If i bounce the cut i lose the manual hit points and have to do it all again…

its lots and lots of hitpoints
I guess I should have started from cuting it and then bounce and only then set hitpoints , the question is if there is a solution to my current problem or should I just start over ?