Editing in WL from C10..

I am trying to use the feature in C10, ‘Edit in WaveLab’ under the C10 Audio tab. I can make the transfer to WL and affect the change I want, but I cannot return it to C10… OK, I have combed through both the C10 and WLPro manuals and I cannot find how to do this. In the C10 manual WaveLab is not even listed in the index, however the WLPro index tells me: “When you have finished the editing, click Trigger Cubase/Nuendo Update on the command bar.”

Sorry to be so dense but what is considered the ‘command bar’ in C10? Any finger pointing or help would be greatly appreciated!

The command bar is the bar with ‘New’, ‘Open’, ‘Save’, ‘Save As’ and Undo/Redo icons. The ‘trigger cubase/nuendo update’ icon is next to ‘Save as’.

Thanks stingray. Do you use this feature? I use RX7 for the same process via RX Connect in Cubase. This said, as with this feature in WLE versions 9/9.5, I see that this function still behaves oddly, in that it not only returns the edited event but also returns a duplicate version of of the event that follows the edited event (even if it’s 5 mins + long). It doesn’t edit this ‘tail’ but for some strange reason it duplicates it and sends it back to the project. I talked to PG about this a year ago but it seems this is something that continues.

Also there is another strange thing about this ‘Edit in WL’ process. If you click on the WL edited event after it is returned to Cubase and want to modify it further (but now within Cubase), it will not be altered the way you want. For example, if you take the edited part and choose to REVERSE it, you will see that the front end of the wave file is reduced in gain and then tapers up to full volume at it’s end - something that has nothing to do with reversing an event. Very odd behavior. At this point I have to think that this Edit in WL has not been worked out yet. I will stick with RX for this type of work but I was hopeful.

To be honest, I’ve not had many issues with Edit in WL, but I always use it in a way which follows the standard procedure as described in the manual. Seems to work OK here (using WLPro).

stingray, are you using C10? Are you saying that you use the Edit in WL function within C10 and - once your edited section is back in C10 - it has not create a tail of unedited audio? And that if you now reverse the edited audio segment that it is simply reversed, no fade in, no alteration other than the reverse of the edited event?

Update… I find that if I use the Range Selector tool to isolate the section of an event that I want to Edit in WL then everything behaves as you would expect. My problems arose when I used the Scissors to cut a section within an Event and sent this to the WL program via the Edit in WL function. I clearly did not use the feature as I should have.