Editing instrument change labels

Is there a way of editing the default instrument change labels like ‘To Alto Fl.’ that appear where a player is to swap instruments, as well as the label like ‘Alto Fl.’ that appears above the staff at the next entry.
I have a singer who sometimes sings and sometimes speaks, and have created a ‘player’ with two ‘instruments’ for this—the spoken sections are notated on a one-line staff. I have named them ‘Voice’ and ‘ Voice’ (with leading space) to prevent Dorico from calling them Voice 1 and Voice 2. But at changes between singing and speaking I now get ‘To Vce’, which of course is both ambiguous and superfluous, since the change from five-line to single-line staff is enough. I would like to either get rid of such labels, or change them to something like ‘Sung:’ and ‘Spoken:’.

Kim, you can set instrument changes to show the short name, and then set that short name as blank in Setup. Then use Shift-X to manually input the text you wish to appear.

You can edit the content of these labels via Properties in Engrave mode.

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Dan (Kreider), if you don’t mind me saying, I think your suggestion is rather backwards. As Dan (Spreadbury) has stated, you can edit the content of the labels via Properties in Engrave mode.

My suggestion would be to use short instrument names “Spoken” and “Sung”, then set the Layout Options > Players > Instrument Changes > Prefix for instrument change warnings to “Custom”. Then just hit Apply then Close, without putting any custom prefix or suffix in.

Didn’t realize that. Thanks.

If I set the short name as blank, I get no staff label for the voice part, which would look odd when every other staff has a label. I want the staff label to be Voice (or perhaps Vce) throughout.
Daniel, that’s the hint I needed! I had tried in vain to select these labels in Write mode, assuming that any change to them would have to be done there. But in Engrave mode it works perfectly, and I can switch off the prefix ‘To’ as well.