Editing Instrument Tracks is Laggy

When editing parts containing a lot of events on an Instrument Track, there is a significant delay compared to editing the same parts on a MIDI Track. This is most noticeable when cutting, copying, and accidentally dragging a part into the timeline (which happens very frequently with the uppermost track, when using small track heights).


  1. Load the attached project file. This file contains an Instrument Track and a MIDI track, both of which contain identical parts filled with controller events.
  2. Select a part in the track “Instrument Track 01” and drag it into the timeline and back again, and note the delay before it reappears.
  3. Cut a part from “Instrument Track 01” and note the delay.
  4. Perform steps 2 and 3 on the track “MIDI 01” and note that there is no delay.
    instrument_track_lag.zip (1.89 MB)

Hmm… is this not considered to be a problem? It doesn’t take long to build up massive amounts of lag when your instrument tracks and/or events accumulate. If this is a normal state of affairs then it would suggest that instrument tracks are clearly inferior to MIDI tracks in this regard, but I can’t see why that should be the case. Furthermore, this issue is not present in Cubase 4.